Our guild is growing fast! We've reached 100 members.

I hope everyone is enjoying the new patch and settling into the guild nicely. Thank you everyone who has donated, posted, recruited and continued to help make this one of the most active and elite guilds for Path of Exile.

Out of a possible 250 guild spots, we currently have 120 guild spots purchased. 101 spots are already taken by an awesome player base. Our discord and guild website have been popping off with over 85 registered users.

We had to let a few souls go due to their inactivity. If you ever get kicked from the guild due to inactivity (1 month or more) you can return without question. You can avoid this all together by becoming an officer.

It has been decided that their will be a total of 250 guild spots with 100 officers and 150 members. I promote people often, so make sure you are registered on the website, active in discord and in the game.

Thanks to everyone for joining and participating!

Huge thanks to E1rik (Sileyne) for continuing to bring in new members and being the #1 recruiter in the guild!