Thank you to everyone that participated in the first guild contest!

The winner is: Hybridboy

Hybridboy, Cold_Zero, TN_Sylar, Oppenheimer, Garthoneeye, JesusTheSavage, ixBen, Dumblikeox, Divaelf, meslasunis, Bear, binserya, LehBleaur, KingFrank, captchamster, Ragz, FefoLover, dunno, Orcheestra, Brishingr, AO_on_FX, XEOXAS, Kijo, nopedodope, OrbsBefroeHeos, thenoobexile, E1rik, zephyr777, Raging_Bull, ROBgolem, Vladtheimpal

The first guild contest went extremely well with only a few hiccups in the games functionality, but overall everyone seemed to give it their best shot and many people came very close to each other scores. Hybridboy had the best score within two (2) game plays. Cold_Zero came in 2nd. TN_Sylar came in 3rd. All top three ranking players were within 10 seconds of each other. Congratulations to Hybridboy, Cold_Zero & TN_Sylar for their excellent times. Over 30 people played the game.

Many people played the game after the contest was over or more than two times and the best overall time ever recorded has been set by JesusTheSavage. Although, he has the best recorded time [1min 19seconds] it did not count for the contest. His score will remain the top score to beat going forward if you ever want to play the game again.

Congrats again to Hybridboy! 

If you have any questions or see something wrong with the results please email [email protected].