The 2nd guild contest has ended. We had an excellent time, met new people, recruited new members and got great feedback about the contest itself. While it looked like it was going to be a tight race at the start, some of the veterans of our guild got caught up with real life setbacks like school or tornadoes. Some simply couldn't stick with it or stuck with it and got dominated time after time. I personally tried pretty hard a few times but eventually it took a toll on my patience. Admittedly,  I rarely play HC or new characters, but it was fun and I'm glad I went outside my boundaries and expanded my horizons a bit.

The top 3 players of the contest were 0hnage, Buzzi2, J3003

Congratulations to 0hnage for dominating the contest and collecting 44/70 items, as well as bringing (2) characters past lvl 80. It may have been a tight race for a few days but the other top 2 contenders eventually died and 0hnage pulled ahead. Buzzi2 was way out front for the first few days reaching 83 in no time at all, but died at 86 early on and never returned. It looked like maybe J3 had a chance near the end but must have taken too many risks as we all did and eventually died even though he reached 84. Excellent job either way guys. Far better than I did or could do.

Player: 0hnage
Guild: »Eye For An Eye«
Played Since: Jan 21, 2013

We had 24 players, a clear top 3, and a clear top 10. Only 1 player turned in their item checklist which you can watch the video below. Check out the EXCEL and PDF for the leader board or visit the official PoE URL.

And the winner is.... 0hnage