In only 30 days the niceFX guild has recruited over 40 members and has received over 100 exalts in donated items!

I want to personally thank Grantræ (Diacide) for his most recent donation. That was extremely godly of you brother! Only ariknok (Blackgrove) matches your dedication and excellence with such short time amongst us and such a major participation effort. Truly impressive gentlemen. Watch the video below as he donates 2 full quad tabs of legacy items and currency! I'll be going through it and putting it all directly back into the guild. I think I even saw an Eternal Orb in there! DIBS! Just kidding.

Many have helped in their own way and I truly appreciate everyone's help in making this one of the best guilds on the internet for PoE. Please trust no matter how big or small your donations or efforts have been, I'm taking note. Your respect and consideration will not go unnoticed!

The niceFX guild will be hosting our first contest in the next few weeks! The prize?! Fucking awesome! Stay tuned for participation, rules and the revealing of a genuine piece of Path of Exile memorabilia that any true fan will want to claim as his or her prize.

Shout out to the the elite player base we have forming. Congratulations to the newly promoted officers, you deserve it! Elite players giving me their full respect, paying attention to detail and most of all... Being real human beings I'd jump in the line of fire for.

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