The guild is creating a smaller group to do the Hardcore Flashback event. We have 8 people total and would like to get as many people as possible.

The event is running from 9am Saturday May 11th (NZT) to 10am Tuesday June 4th (NZT).

The reason we are doing HC is because many people will be dying off, giving us the advantage of helping one another with gear, boss kills, ect... to get us an optimal shot at the rewards. The rewards are as follows...

(The number is how many will be given out in total.)
FYI: You can earn multiple rewards on the same level if you have multiple characters.
example: If you have two Level 95 now have two separate "tickets" entered in to win the prize, with a possibility of
getting two armor sets, (because of it being level 95)

Level 35: Glimmerwood Mystery Box (One per account)
Level 45: Random Draw
Fire Footprints (750)
Pure Light Footprints (750)
Ice Footprints (750)
Seraph Footprints (750)
Level 55:Random Draw
Infernal Skull Helmet (750)
Divine Skull Helmet (750)
Snake Skull (750)
Thorned Skull (750)
Rose Skull (750)
Level 65: Random Draw
Kaom Portal (375)
Gore Portal (375)
Daresso Portal (375)
Steam-Powered Portal (375)
Level 75: Random Draw
Hand Wings (375)
Raven Wings (375)
Reptilian Wings (375)
Level 85: Random Draw
Hydra Wings (375)
Vampiric Wings (375)
Arcane Seraph Wings (375)
Level 95: Random Draw
Gothic Armour Set (375)
Ice Armour Set (375)
Lightning Armour Set (375)

If you have any questions, or are interested, please message @BrandonUSMC , @Kijostyle , [email protected] Cheers and happy hunting exiles!