Since the start the "niceFX" guild has continued to evolve and change. Recently, we culled a ton of inactive members (players who haven't played in over 2 months), going from 225 members down to 160. We also reduced our officer list in an attempt to better regulate the guild stash in standard, going from 90 officers, to 60, then to 40, and now down to under 10.

"After over a year managing the guild it's become quite clear that a MAJOR missing feature of guilds in Path of Exile is an additional or 4th rank; i.e Co-Leader, Liaison, or Recruit." - Kijo

In order to better maintain the standard guild stash and give members who participate the most the most access and advantage of having this resource, we've had to reduce the officer list significantly. This is solely due to the omission of a 4th guild rank by GGG. Until the necessary guild rank changes have been made by GGG, which is rumored in 4.0, our guild will be reducing our officer list until we've had a chance to reassess the situation and possibly re-promote members through an official voting system on discord.

"It seems human nature will always win in the end..." - Kijo

After a year of playing with stash tabs and trying different things, it was clear that certain items and currency were simply being exhausted indiscriminately if made available to people. The guild stash in standard will continue to go through changes in order to best serve the members that participate the most. Many currency and item tabs will no longer exist. Please read the F.A.Q. [What can I access in the guild stash?] on the guild rules page, to learn more about guild stash access.

About 90 guild spots are open and our discord is active. We've made changes to some of the guild rules so be sure to check them out if you're thinking about joining.

Good luck to everyone in Metamorph!