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My name is Kijo, I'm 36 years old, located in Chicago and am a senior full-stack developer. I'm an old school D2 player that never gave up the grind. After it turned out D3 was a joke, I came to Path of Exile. To me, PoE is extremely complex and technical in it's scope and design, and nearly infinite in re-playability.

Since I work from home nearly 14/hrs a day and always need to be around my workstation, I have a lot of downtime to play the game. When I'm working I keep the game on and keep trading.

My motivation to start a guild was simply due to the fact that I like helping people and always had a ton of items I didn't need.  Ideally, more players in a tighter knit group allows everyone to; rank up and find help faster, trade cheaper, create full room parties, as well as not waste time (wrangling random players to stick to the program).

niceFX is meant to be a democracy... with any officer being able to take control of the guild [under certain circumstances or through achievement].  The guild is international and has players on Standard, Ladder, Hardcore, & SSF.

You will find a ton of links and tools on this website to help make your life "in-game" easier. Every so often, I'll post an article and/or video about the game and guild that we can all discuss. Use this site as your home base and final PoE resource. Details about the game, server status, twitter and news will be available through this site. You can use this site to chat/vent, trade, post your build, post funny things that happen in game, post videos or images, meet new friends or just listen to music.